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Herbert 'Dago' Gordon - Boys' Town FC

Name:Herbert 'Dago' Gordon - Boys' Town FC
Occupation:Football Coach
Location:Kingston, Jamaica
Professional Experience:PROFILE
Herbert Gordon, affectionately known as "Dago" on the local football scene, is the Assistant Coach at Boys' Town Football Club, located in Kingston, Jamaica. He has occupied this position since 2006. Prior to this position, he coached Manning Cup school boy football teams at Trench Town High School, Excelsior High School and Vere Technical High School. Dago is a qualified (certified) football Coach.
Dago has a rich "footballing" history in Jamaica. He had a high profile, and was one of the most feared strikers, during the Manning Cup school boy football seasons, 1968 - 1972, when he played for Trench Town High School. His cotemporaries during this period include other high profile players; Carl Brown (formerl coach of Jamaica senior team) and Devon Lewis (Trench Town High School), Howard Bell and Derrick Denniser (Kingston College) and Richard Davey (Woolmers High School). Dago went on to play for Boys' Town, a football club that "ruled" the Jamaica football scene during the mid to late 1970s. He won his first international cap for the Jamaica senior team at the tender age of 17 and susequently represented the team on numerous occassions.   
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